The Dedication
of Our New Church

  It was a hot Saturday in June of 2005. Ezekiel, Ephrem, and other members of the parish had spent the past several months working on the new church building. Now, it was ready for church services.
  Father James, Subdeacon Vassily, Dionysius, Herman, and the catechumen Jude came from St. Mary Magdalene's for the dedication of our new church building. We all waited outside for the service to begin. That hot Georgia sun was baking down on our backs.

Waiting outside for the dedication service to begin.
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  Finally, we all entered. Reader Stephen chanted a psalm. Later, the priest prayed some prayers before he anointed the chapel with holy water, oil, and incense.

Father James preparing to anoint the chapel.
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  Father James went through the narthex, nave, and sanctuary of the entire chapel sprinkling holy water. Next, he anointed the walls with oil. Then, he incensed the entire chapel.

Father James anointing the nave with oil.
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  Reader Stephen and Mary sang some hymns for the Feast of the Ascension and the hymns for the patron saints of the temple.

Father James anointing the sanctuary with oil.
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  Some members of the parish went forward with items to be placed on the altar. Father James took them and placed each item on the altar. He put the altar cloth on it first. Then, he placed the candles, Gospel book, and other items on the altar.

  Shortly before the Divine Liturgy began, Deacon Athanasious and his son came down from Atlanta to serve with Father James. Reader Stephen read the Third Hour. Then, the Divine Liturgy began.

  We celebrated our first Divine Liturgy in our new church. There were many people in attendance. Even the local Roman Catholic priest came to celebrate our dedication of our new church.

  During the Divine Liturgy, we had a long procession in the Great Entrance. The Gifts were taken from the preparation table through one of the Deacon's doors, through the nave and, then, into the Royal Doors. The priest entered the Royal Doors with the Gifts. Everyone else in the procession entered the sanctuary through the deacon's doors.

  After the service we all ate a big meal that some members of the parish had fixed. We fellowshiped with each other and enjoyed each other's company.

  Here are some more pictures of our church's dedication service. Click on an image to enlarge it.

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