Our First Chrismation

  Anyone can become an Orthodox Christian, even an Arizona cowboy. On one wintry February morning in 2005, Father James and his crew came from St. Mary's to our small mission in Helena. Nick was going to get chrismated and get Communion for the first time.
  He had had enough catechism lessons. He was ready to make that final step on his pilgrimage into the Church.
  Our parish community was excited. We were getting a new communicant member. Also, history was being made. Nick was going to be the very first person to be chrismated by an Orthodox priest in Telfair County, Georgia.

Nick stands in the narthex with the priest. He professes his faith in the Holy Trinity and confesses the Creed.
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  In the meantime, we all waited for them to come in for the chrismation.

Everyone else waits for Nick and the priest to enter the nave.
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  Then, Nick and the priest entered the nave. A series of prayers were prayed. Nick had to kiss the Gospel Book and the Cross to visibly demonstrate his allegiance to his Lord.

Nick kneels while the priest prays. His sponsor
stands next to him.
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  Then, the priest anointed Nick with the Holy Chrism. Nick was sealed with the Holy Spirit.

The chrismation of Nick.
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  Reader Stephen read the Hours. We celebrated the Divine Liturgy. When it came time for Communion, Nick was the first to receive the Precious Body and Blood of his Lord on that day.

Nick receives the Eucharist.
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  After the Divine Liturgy, we had a meal and spent some wonderful time fellowshiping with each other. We had a new member in our fold.

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