Our First Theophany Service

  It was a cold morning in January in 2004. Father James Bohlman and his subdeacon, Vassily Kocher, came to our small chapel in Helena, Georgia. Dennis Rusnak, a member of the St. Mary Magdalene parish in Rincon, came with them.
  Father James prayed a long series of prayers during that morning's service. His trusty subdeacon held a processional candle while he prayed.

Father James prays while Subdeacon
Vassily holds a processional candle. (He is a deacon now.)

  We all listened and observed intently as he prayed. More than the usual number were in attendance on that cold winter morning.

Father James dips the cross
in the water three times.

  When he finished his prayers and dipped a cross in the water three times, we had what we came for — holy water!

Holy Water.

  We celebrated the Divine Liturgy, got Communion, and got our holy water.

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