Our First Baptism

  This is the story about the baptism of Kaleb. Kaleb is a little boy in our church. Everyone just knew he was Orthodox. Whenever he came to church, he would kiss all of the icons on the iconostasis. He sang "alleluia" and "mercy" during the church services.
  We all just knew this little boy was Orthodox. Once, he walked over to the prosphora table during the Typica service and picked up a cross and kissed it.
  Whenever the reader read the Scripures, Kaleb would stand next to him with a small Bible and try to read along with him.
  "That boy is Orthodox," said Reader Stephen one day. Everyone else agreed.
  So, his great-grandparents got Tiffany and Brandon to sponsor him as godparents and, then, talked to the priest. The priest agreed to baptize him.
  On one Saturday morning in October of 2005, Father James, Subdeacon Vassily, and Dionysius came from St. Mary Magdalene's for Kaleb's baptism.
  Kaleb's great-grandparents brought him to church.
  The baptismal font was ready. Kaleb had played in it the previous Wednesday night after Vespers. He was accustomed to it now.
  When Kaleb saw the baptismal font filled with water, we all knew what he must had been thinking. He was thinking that he was going to get to take a bath.

The Baptismal font.
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  Father James did the exorcisms and consecrated the water. His great-grandmother held him. His godparents stood near the baptismal font holding candles and confessed the Creed. They renounced Satan and prayed along with the priest.

Father James blowing on the water.
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  Kaleb continued to look on while the water was consecrated and the exorcisms were done.

Father James dipping a candle in the water.
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  Kaleb's mother held him a while, too. Father James prepared to anoint him with the oil of catechumens.

Father James making the sign of the cross over Kaleb while his mother, Jennifer, held him.  Click on the image to enlarge it.

  Father James anointed Kaleb with the oil of catechumens.

Father James anointing Kaleb with the oil of catechumens.
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  Father James, then, immersed Kaleb three times in the consecrated water, pronouncing the baptismal formula. Kaleb was born again.
  His mother and great-grandmother put his diapers and the baptismal robe on him.
  Then, the priest anointed Kaleb with the Holy Chrism. Kaleb was sealed with the Holy Spirit.

Father James chrismating Kaleb.
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  After the baptism, Father James did the proskomedia while Reader Stephen read the Hours. Then, we celebrated the Divine Liturgy.
  Kaleb was the first person to receive Communion that day. His godfather, Brandon, took him to the chalice. Kaleb most probably did not know what he was receiving. He probably thought it was time to "eat, eat." However, he needed the precious Body and Blood of his Lord so that he can live forever.

Kaleb receiving Communion from Father James.
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  After the Divine Liturgy, we all ate a big dinner in the fellowship hall and celebrated having a new member in our fold.

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